10 ways to use puppets to explore the Easter story


Last year I made some really fun Easter Puppets.

Here’s ten ways you could use them to explore the Easter story:

  1. Have fun making the puppets with your children. They’re simple to make – just cut out the pictures and attach them to lollysticks, straws or use the cardboard sticks which comes in the pack.
  2. If your children are under 5 or using scissors is hard work, cut out the puppets in advance. For speed, you might want to even make the puppets yourself and introduce them ready-made.The puppets are design to use to tell the Easter story. The pack includes a storyboard with words you could use and pictures suggestions of which puppets you could use.
  3. Set up a puppet theatre by drapping a cloth over a chair or table and have fun telling the story using the puppets. Although you have puppets for the whole story, you might want to split it into sections and only tell part each time. Only you will know how the time will work for you – if you split up the story, make sure the children know that Jesus comes alive at the end – this isn’t a time for cliff hangers!
  4. Invite your children to have a go doing their own show.Remember that it’s fun to watch a show, but usually more fun to do your own! Encourage them to use their own words, or offer to be the narrator while they master the puppets. This can be a lot of fun! It doesn’t have to be perfect; they will process the story a lot by working out which characters are doing and saying what.
  5. Use some open-ended questions to chat about the story either at the end of a telling or at a suitable place during it.You could use questions such as:

    I wonder which part of this story you like best.
    I wonder which part of this story is the most important part.
    I wonder what [character’s name] might have been thinking / feeling at this point in the story.
    I wonder where you might be in this story.


PS My Easter Puppets are available as a download here or get a set printed on great quality card sent to you here (packs of 10 are only £XX!)