Snowdrop prayers

What fragile things could you pray for? If you can find some snowdrops, take some photos and use them to inspire your prayers. Every year I love it when I see snowdrops appear. I love their fragile beauty, intricate petals and flimsy stems buffeted by Winter winds. I love their tenacity at arriving while snow still threatens. While other bulbs … Read more

Discovering Saints Days as part of our faith at home

Maybe it was because I grew up in a protestant, evangelical tradition that I always thought anything to do with the saints was kind of catholic and probably a bit wrong. A few years ago, I went on a Godly Play retreat in which we explored twelve saint’s stories. To be honest, I wasn’t keen … Read more

No-grow Easter gardens

Making an Easter garden is a great way to share the Easter story together. We made ours after my daughter decided to collect a selection of things from the garden when we were outside on a sunny Spring day. I added a biscuit tin lid, lemon and cumin glitter playdough, some play people and we were … Read more

Mini egg prayers

This is a lot like sweets prayer but with mini eggs. The concept is simple: 1 For each colour egg, decide on one category of things to thank God for. 2 Take it in turns to take a mini egg and thank God for something in that category before eating your egg. Prayers can be … Read more

Follow the lead of the seed

Spring is a fab time for planting seeds. I love watching them grow, so this year we’ve put a few into glass jars so we can see each stage as it happens! (We also have some in the garden which will hopefully get to the harvest stage too!) It’s been great to chat about what seeds need … Read more

Spring-inspired prayer

I live on a farm and love using the seasons to inspire my prayer. In the last few weeks, all the different types of daffodils have been coming up. I love their blooms, but somehow this year I’ve really enjoyed the super-vivid-green of their stalks. I think it’s because we’ve have such sudden warm spells … Read more