Faith at home tip: Be flexible

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One of the things I really admire in my children is how flexible they are! We recently went to a parkour class, and after 20 minutes warming up, the whole class attempted both front and back flips! I was so impressed! I think for me to even attempt them I might need a 6 week warm up!

Children’s bodies flex to allow them to do all sorts of physical movements which my body is not currently capable of doing.

Flexibility is a really helpful skill as we approach faith at home. It helps us not to get wedded to one particular activity or way of doing things. Instead we stay aware of the season of life we are in and flex our behaviours to help us continue to grow in our faith at home.

I was chatting to someone this week about the rituals we have in our home life, especially our weekly Shabbat meal, and how that has developed and changed over the 15 or so years we’ve been doing it. When we first started, we were very keen and had no children, and so the prayers and readings and blessings were very long! A few months later we had guests stay for the weekend so we created a shorter version which they nick-named ‘Shabbat-Lite’. The week after they visited, we just continued with Shabbat Lite! When our children were born we changed it again, converting some of the key Bible passages and blessings into songs to make it easy for them to join in. Currently, we have a short version we can do before everyone gets too hungry to concentrate. Each season of our life has brought us new ways of doing the thing we do to connect with each other and with God. The main aim and the core activity hasn’t changed, but the way we do it has changed a lot!

Are you struggling with a routine, ritual or activity which used to work well and now is hard work? How could you be flexible about the exact way you do it? How might it be adapted to achieve the same goal but in a different way?

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