God-child Prayer boxes


Last year I made a Prayer Box for each of my God Daughters. They were pretty simple – a box covered in lovely shining paper with their name on the lid and five simple prayer activities inside. Various people have asked what I did, so here’s a quick summary:

I printed a set of instructions for the activities on card as well as a summary on one sheet which I stuck in the lid of the box (just in case). I chose five I thought would work for them, the same five for the older two and a slightly different mix for the younger one who was only three. The items in the box included everything they would need to do the activities, minus a bowl of water and a towel, which I reckoned they could find at home 😉

The activities I chose were:

1 Sweets prayer (always a favourite)

2 Fridge magnet prayer (a good way to involve older siblings)

3 Play dough prayer (appeals to a surprisingly wide age range)

4 Hand washing prayer (simple and effective)

5 Twister prayer (for the older ones) and Teddy prayer (for the younger one)

I made sure to ask them how they got on with them and how they used them. All differently, of course, which is great. Everyone liked the sweets prayer, and the youngest loved having a soft toy. One God-daughter lives in France and so being sent Jelly Babies (which are hard to get hold of there) was a big score.

If you’d like to make your own prayer box, Prayer box activity instructions with the instructions of the activities I chose. And look out for when supermarkets do great offers on board games as then Twister is often only a few pounds and the box works well wrapped up too!