Great worship music for children and families

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We bought a new worship CD this week and it got me thinking about what I find makes good worship music for children and families.  I’m always on the look out for something which we can all worship with together.

So here’s my list of questions to help me on the search for Great Songs for Families to Worship Together

  1. Does it draw us into worship? Do the children sing / dance / clap / wiggle to it? Does my heart come closer to God when the music is on? This is probably the most important question, and sometimes songs which theorically *shouldn’t* work just DO.
  2. Are the lyrics accessible? Does it use lots of jargon which needs explaining? Is it terribly abstract? Are there enough repeated sections? This doesn’t mean we can’t use Christian or theological words, or that children can’t connect through abstract lyrics, as they often love expressive poetry. But if the song might as well be in German, then maybe the language is too complex.
  3. Is the music accessible? Are there big jumps in the tune? Are there enough repeated sections to make it easy to learn and sing together? Often adult songs and even childrens’ ones use such massive leaps in the tune that it’s really hard to sing, especially for children.

We often ‘bed in’ a new album by listening to it on repeat until we know most of the songs well. During that time, we usually find one song grabs us and we playthat one A Lot.

Other people we like:

Ollie Goldenberg – I love Jesus is a fab CD for young children and I found I could worship through the simple but heart felt lyrics

Worship for Everyone songs such as this recently released one are fab – I found the songs catchy, easy to learn without reading lyrics and lovely simple, expressive actions