Praying with The Train of Joy


Here’s a fun and really simple way to pray. It works for pretty much any age from 6 months upwards, as it doesn’t involve reding, writing, or even speaking!

Using two vehicles. I like using Duplo and get everyone to help build them. I then label one The Train (or truck or whatever you’ve got) of Joy and the other The Bus of Peace. I then say we’re going to pray for people we know by taking a play person (wooden peg dolls work well, or Duplo people or whatever you have) and decide do we want to pray that they have more of God’s joy or His peace, then we put them either into The Train of Joy or The Bus of Peace.

For really young children, you can suggest that they pay for a parent or friend and ask: What can we ask God to give them: lots of Joy or lots of Peace? Give them a toy person and invite them to place it into one of the vehicles. This is an example where children are given a chance to use their emerging volition, and even it it’s a random choice, it’s still a good one! We could all do with a bit more peace and joy!

You could do a few people or just one. You could also let the people who you prayed for know that you’ve prayed for them, including what your child chose to ask God to give them. I’ve been happily amazed how spot on they can be.