Shabbat family service sheet

Shabbat family service sheet

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All about Shabbat family service sheet

A short service sheet for families to have their own Shabbat meal together. It includes prayers with candles, water, bread and wine, and a special blessing for the women and children using Proverbs 31 and Psalm 127.

Feel free to use and adapt so that it works for your family. You might like to just use the first part, or the last. We always give out large chunks of bread which work as a sort of starter as we continue with the blessings. This way no one gets too hungry.

All you need to complete this service is:

  • two candles and a way to light them
  • a bowl of water and a towel to dry your hands
  • two loaves or slices of bread
  • some red wine and/or juice
  • a meal to share together!

It is available as a pdf for you to to print in colour on 2 double-sided A4 sheets. Your pdf will be available after the checkout.