Silent prayer


This prayer is a lovely one to give everyone freedom to talk with God about anything.

It’s an idea taken from Parenting Children for a life of Faith by Rachel Turner published by BRF. It’s a brilliant way of adults removing themselves from in any way being the priest or mediator being God and children, and letting children have complete freedom to chat with God.

Make a list of about ten things you and the children would like to chat with God about. There should be a mixture of ‘normal’ and ‘spiritual’ topics, like ‘my favourite colour’ and ‘something I regret doing’. Sit somewhere comfy and work your way down the list, inviting everyone to chat silently to God about each topic before you move onto the next one. Spend about 30 seconds on each one, gradually lengthening it if everyone seems to have lots to say to God.

To adapt this for younger children, give them the option of whispering their chat into a cushion if silent chat is tricky for them.