Review My Easter Egg hunt

Title: My Easter Egg hunt Author and illustrator: Cathy Porter Published by: Amazon Price: £4.57 Good for: children age 3-10 years Best bit: brilliant relatable story telling working through the meaning of Easter for a child in a Christian family Worst bit: As always, I would have liked more pictures, but even when they were … Read more

Review: Make Room

Title: Make Room: a child’s guide to Lent and Easter Author: Laura Alary Illustrator: Ann Boyajian Published by: Paraclete Press Price: £10.39 (Amazon) Good for: Families with children age 3-10 years old wanting to introduce them to the Easter story focusing on the transforming nature of the story Best bit: The book is written with … Read more

Review: Faithful Families for Lent, Easter and Resurrection

Title: Faithful Families for Lent, Easter and Resurrection Author: Traci Smith Published by: Chalice Press Price: £9.59 Best for: families looking for simple, spiritual ways to mark Lent and Easter together Best bit: by focusing on spiritual practice, Traci gives us a great range of options to try, while encouraging us to choose only a few … Read more

Review: How to include autistic children and young people in church

Title: How to include autistic children and young people in church – Creating a place of belonging and spiritual development for all Author: Mark Arnold Published by: Grove Youth series Price: £3.95 Good for: anyone involved in church, especially church and group leaders Best bit: Simple, quick to read with immediate take aways Worst bit: … Read more

Review: At home in Lent

Title: At home in Lent Written by: Gordon Giles Published by: BRF Price: £8.99 Useful for: young people and adults Best bit: a simple, daily three page read for each day in Lent, each taking a different every-day item as its theme Worst bit: as a big fan of audio books, I’d love an audio version to … Read more

Review: Dave the Donkey

Title: Dave the Donkey Author and Illustrator: Andrew McDonough Published by: Malcolm Down Price: £5.99 Useful for: children age 3-8 Best bit: Fun re-telling of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, death and resurrection from the view point of the Palm Sunday donkey! Worst bit: Very fast re-telling, with few details of the Easter story – for … Read more

Review: Who made God?

Title: Who made God? Author: Joanne Gilchrist Illustrator: David Kuiavskii Published by: Sarah Grace Publishing Price: £5.99 Useful for: children age 4-7 with big questions about God Best bit: I like the bright, bold illustrations, the rhyming text, the way we’re introduced to the different characters and the use of child-appropriate similes to describe God, but … Read more

Review: Found (Psalm 23)

Title: Found – Psalm 23 Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones Illustrator: Jago Published by: Zonder Kids Price: £5.95 at WHSmith £6.99 on Amazon Useful for: people age 2+ Best bit: Simple, beautiful words and stunning images communicating God’s love for you Worst bit: As a board books it’s brilliant for young children, but might make older children feel … Read more

Review: The Nativity

Title: The Nativity By: Bethan Lycett and Hannah Stout Price: £3.50 for 1, in a pack as low as £1 each Published by: 10 of those Useful for: children age 2-7 Best bit: the lovely artwork and simply, easy-to-read Christmas story including Simeon and Anna Worst bit: The rhyme isn’t always a smooth as it … Read more

Review: Love came down

Title: Love came down By: Bethan Lycett and Hannah Stout Price: £3.99 for 1, in a pack as low as £1 each Published by: 10 of those Useful for: children age 2-7 Best bit: It tells the whole story of Jesus, including why he was born. My favourite page is the picture of the boy … Read more

Review: Camp survival

Title: Camp survival Written by: Olly Goldenberg Published by: Children Can Price: £6.99 Useful for: children age 7-11 years old Best bit: Really funny story weaving age-appropriate Christian life choices for children into a choose your own adventure book! Worst bit: The cover image is fab and I was hoping for more similar pictures in the … Read more

Review: The Christmas Mystery

Title: The Christmas Mystery Written by: Jostein Gaarder (author of Sophie’s World) Published by: Orion Children’s Books Price: £4.40 here Useful for: parents of children age 7-11 years old Best bit: The story is clever and beautiful, mysterious and fascinating, a treat for adults and children alike, with 24 chapters exploring the birth of Jesus, … Read more