Encouragement cookies

This fun activity was created by my friend Caroline. Instead of ‘fortune cookies’, she made ‘encouragement cookies’ simply by writing out blessings on slips of paper then put them inside home-made fortune cookies. Warning: the folding bit is rather hot, so be careful! What sort of blessings you write will depending on who you are … Read more

Build a story set

Build a story set for a Bible story using a construction toy e.g. Duplo, Lego, Jenga blocks). Plan the route the characters will take through the set. We built a set for the story of Ehud using Duplo and Lego combined. We then created characters for Ehud and the king, and played out the story … Read more

Balloon prayers

This is a really simple, fun way to pray in a group. You could do this at home, or as part of a party or even a service! Blow up the balloons and write or draw on each something about God. You could use: words (or pictures) which describe God (e.g. great, strong, kind, loving, … Read more

Balloon Christmas prayers

This is a really simple, fun way to pray around Christmas. You could do this at home, or as part of a party or even a service! Blow up the balloons and write or draw on each something you love about Christmas. (This works best with Sharpies, but *Warning* they do stain clothes.) Play some … Read more

How to run a fun Online Advent Party

I ran a couple of really fun parties during Lock Down and it’s definitely possible to keep it simple and therefore easy to run! Here are some keys to keeping it fun: Be intentional Before you start to plan your party, as with a face to face event, it’s crucial that you clarify what you’re … Read more

Wooden spoon Bible stories

wooden spoons with faces drawn on them for a story

Draw people’s faces  on wooden spoons and use them to tell Bible stories! We created these together, making a collection of men and women (and some other odd characters!). We tried out using a pyrography pen, but it was a) very VERY hot so I didn’t feel comfortable letting my 8 and 10 year olds … Read more

10 fun, easy ways to learn Bible verses as a family together

learn Bible verses fun family easy

The Bible is full of wonderful verses to help us life our lives with God. As a child I learned loads of verses in Sunday School, acquiring a massive collection of stickers and little cards with yet more Bible verses on as my prizes. We even did Scripture Exams! Although I loved them, I was … Read more

Pasta prayers for each other

Use different shaped pasta to pray! Take it in turns to talk about something which makes you afraid. They may be simple things like spiders or more personal things like getting lost or losing someone. Use the pasta to make a little picture of the thing which makes you afraid. When you have made the … Read more

Bible bingo

game explore Bible devotional for families

I’m always excited to work out a new fun way to explore the Bible and this is a good one! Simply choose 9+ words from a passage you want to explore – this game works well if you have six verses in your passage. Add your words to a Bingo board – simply chart in … Read more

Car prayers

car prayer intercession please prayers

Pray for friends each time you see a car the same make / model /colour as theirs. Encourage them by letting them know when you were praying for them. You could also do this when you see people’s names on a lorry or road sign. It’s just a simple way to make praying for people … Read more

Say it, smash it!

easy and fun way to learn a Bible verse

This is a really fun way to learn a Bible verse! Just write the words in the verse on eggs clean, empty egg shells, one word per shell. (We wash ours with soapy water then leave to dry.) Then put them out on a table in a random order and challenge everyone to see if they … Read more