Guest post: A different Holy Week Box

Naomi Elliott is helping children play as a way of learning and growing in their faith. She’s passionate about open-ended play (where children are free to create their own rules and meaning) and using natural and easy-to-come-by items rather than expensive, bought items. In this post she shares about a Holy Week Box she’s created: I … Read more

Holy Week Boxes

I don’t know about your children, but mine love things in boxes. So here’s an Easter activity in a box. I’ve used it with my children since they were toddlers, but the simplicity of it lends itself to use with all ages, including adults. And the repetition of using it each year, gives a depth … Read more

Countdown from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday

Mark Holy week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday by reading the story of Jesus using the GodVenture Easter Countdown Calendar. Add 5 or 6 stickers each day, while reading the story of Jesus from the mini-book which comes with the calendar. The story is taken straight from the Bible, and the book includes open-ended … Read more