Traffic light prayers

traffic lights

These prayers allow each person to pray for something which relates to what’s going on in their life at the moment. Explain each colour then allow each person to pick a colour and pray a prayer. If you have coloured stickers, you could create traffic lights with the different colours. If not, use crayons or felt tips to make them. If you have more time, each person may choose to make a traffic light, praying one type of each prayer as they stick on each sticker.

Red = Stop! Please God, help me to stop… (biting my nails / being unkind / shouting too much / being impatient / add your own in here)

Orange = Get Ready! Please God, help me to get ready for… (school / work / nursery / group / dinner / music lesson / swimming / new school / new church / new home / new baby / Christmas / add you own in here)

Green = Go! Please, God, help me to go and be more … (strong/patient/kind/generous /joyful /add your own in here)

You might also like to pray about being like God in a particular way in that place, for example, being kind or patient or generous.