Question: Is it possible to have a good young families small group?

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Hi there, I really love your prayer ideas for kids and families. We have recently started running a small group for young families… I had this idea of wanting to use one of those kids parachutes where everyone holds a corner and lifts it up and someone can run underneath. I want to incorporate either remembering a Bible verse or praying with them as we play. Do any ideas spring to mind? I’d love to hear your thoughts


Hi Hannah! Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

That group sounds really fab – I’d love to hear more about it! When are you meeting? Who’s invited? How long? Where?

Yes, a parachute would be fun, although always best to keep it optional as for some people it’s quite a big sensory overload, especially if you’re underneath! I might go for saying or singing a short blessing prayer and inserting one person’s name it and they then need to run to the other side. Alternatively you can do what we called a washing machine, where one or two people sit together in the middle and the rest walk slowly around them in one direction, pulling the parachute as they go until it is all wound gently around them. (You could say or sing a prayer of blessing about God being all around you during this part). Then everyone steps back and in one go all pull the edges out – this should make the people in the middle spin round. It’s fun (as long as you like big swooshing feelings!).

How does that sound?